* Currently Working at Harvard University *

Software Engineer – 20+ years professional experience developing commercial software products (Now learning Spring Boot / Spring MVC and Bootstrap 3.x):

 * Web-based technologies – 12+ years designing and developing lead market commercial software.
 * Excellent technical and analytical skills.
 * Embraces the opportunity to learn and utilize new technologies and development techniques.
 * Skilled at mentoring and developing engineers.
 * Able to work effectively in both small and large development teams.


Programming: Java, Groovy, C++/MFC, C, XML, HTML, Servlets, JSP -- some JavaScript, limited Perl, jQuery and CSS experience.
Apps/Frameworks: Java EE, JBoss, Tomcat, Hibernate, Lucene, Solr, Velocity, JUnit, Quartz, JNI.
Databases: Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server.
Tools: Eclipse, NetBeans, Ant, Maven, version control (Subversion, AccuRev, VSS).
Operating Systems: Windows, Linux (Ubuntu, SUSE), Mac OS X, UNIX, DOS.
Methodologies: Scrum, Agile, Test Driven Development (TDD).


January 2013 - September 2014 Masspro, Inc. Waltham, MA  
  Java Programmer

Tools/Technologies used:
   Java EE, Hibernate 3.x, JDBC, XML, JSON, NetBeans, Ant, Oracle, MySQL, Windows,
   Linux, JBoss, Tomcat, Web Services/Servlet, Applet, EJB 3.0, JAXB, Subversion,
   Some Groovy (Groovy/Grails Tool Suite, Gradle).

* Implement and maintain software modules and applications used for collecting,
   scoring and reporting medical data, both for internal and external clients.
   These modules are written in Java and exposed as RESTful web services.

* Maintain client-side encrypted data upload modules, utilizing the Bouncy Castle
   Cryptography APIs. Also responsible for updating signed certificates, and
   re-signing Java JARS as needed.

* Designed, developed and continue to maintain a Groovy-based Swing desktop Testing
   application using XML and XMLUnit to verify the integrity of data scoring web service

* Test revised web-based applications and verify data integrity and scoring outcomes.

* Update and install custom web-based application as new versions and applications are

* Analyze user requirements to design applications or modify existing applications.

* Document and review specifications with customers to confirm that customers needs are

2010 - October 2012 Atex, Inc. Tewksbury, MA  
  Software Developer – US Digital Operations, Polopoly CMS product

Tools/Technologies used:
   Java EE, JDBC, XML, JavaScript, jQuery, CSS, HTML, Eclipse, Ant, Maven, MySQL,
   Linux/Unix, Mac OS X, JBoss, Tomcat, Lucene, Solr, Velocity, Perl, Agile (Scrum),
   Polopoly CMS Platform.

* Implement modules for collecting and presenting user-generated digital content (articles,
   images, audio, videos, documents). This consits of creating widgets, input templates
   and output templates for the Polopoly CMS framework.

* Develop migration tools for moving data from legacy CMS systems to Polopoly CMS,
   including migrating Wordpress Blog content.

* Develop and maintained RSS feed and NewsML components.

* Develop mobile and legacy URL redirection Servlet filters for Polopoly CMS.

* Develop and maintain a Java-based trashcan application to permanently delete
  content from a customized Polopoly CMS installation.

* Implement custom indexing enhancements for Lucene and Solr-driven publishing

* Develop and enhance Perl-based migration scripts and NITF feed generation.

* Work with customers to address issues, implement bug fixes and guide customers‘
   developers and maintenance staff.

* Core member of the US Digital Operations development team which works with various
   top media-related companies to customize and implement enterprise Polopoly CMS
   platform, including such clients as the Akron Beacon Journal,, Newsday,
   the Scranton Times Tribune and Conde Nast.
1997 - 2009 Kronos, Incorporated Chelmsford, MA  
  Tools/Technologies used:
   Java, J2EE (JEE), C++/MFC, C, Windows, Unix, DOS, MS SQL, Oracle SQL, JDBC
   XML, JavaScript, HTML, Eclipse, Ant, JBoss, Agile (Scrum), Quartz, JNI.

Java Developer 2003 – 2009

* Developed and maintained enterprise web-based software applications.

* Expert developing Java server-side business objects and XML-based API

* Worked closely with product owners, interaction designers, database designers, QA      
   engineers and other developers to ensure on-schedule delivery of high quality software.

* Contributed to overall quality of Workforce Central code base by investigating automated
   test and build failures; addressed any deficiencies discovered during development cycle.

* Mentored engineers to become proficient using the Kronos business object frameworks,
   XML-based API framework, persistence layer framework and testing frameworks.

* Created multi-threaded services to manage application-critical background processes.

* Mentored developers on the design and implementation of the job scheduling component.
  This included describing the front-end design, business logic and persistence layer.

* Investigated, designed and coded solutions to deficiencies discovered in Quartz port of
   the job scheduling engine, especially in the area of DST transitions.

* Developed port of fat-client configuration to Java-based web-enabled components.
  JNI Java/C/C++ Developer 1998 – 2003

* Developed and maintained web-based job scheduling component using JNI-invoked
   Microsoft Task Scheduler engine; later using the Quartz Enterprise Job Scheduler.

* Developed a Web Services framework to provide customers with a diagnostics toolkit.

* Investigated JMS as a possible enhancement to existing notification framework.

* Designed and developed web-based UI job scheduling prototype using JSPs and

* Investigated Java-based solutions to replace Microsoft Task Scheduler as the job
   scheduling engine. Solutions included commercial products, roll-your-own approaches,
   and Quartz.

* Designed, developed & maintained Registry utility written in Visual C++ using MFC.

* Designed and developed authentication DLL prototype using Microsoft LDAP libraries.

* Developed and maintained APIs for non-Java clients to interface with Java-based

* Generated User’s Guide documentation detailing API installation, configuration and

* Designed and developed dialog-based testing tool for API Framework utilizing MFC.

* Trained new hire on Java-based services APIs for future development and maintenance.
1992 - 1997 Client Server Software, Incorporated Wakefield, MA  
  C Programmer/Analyst

Tools/Technologies used:
   Microsoft C, Lattice C, DOS

* Maintained the line of PC-based Hospital Cost Reporting software products written in C.

* Modified software using government specs and client requests within strict timeframes.

* Developed new software products and utilities in C.

* Provided full and timely technical support for the Cost Reporting software product line.

* Ported existing C source code to/from various compilers.

* Performed self-tests on new and modified products before submitting to quality assurance.

EDUCATION AND TRAINING: - Core Ruby Programming, June 2012.
Computer Learning Center, Somerville, MA – Certificate, C/UNIX Programming, 1992.
St. Joseph's University, Phila., PA – 2 semesters in Computer Sciences Masters Program, 1990.
West Chester University, West Chester, PA – BA, Psychology, 1983.

Attended “No Fluff Just Stuff” symposiums covering the latest technologies, including Spring, Hibernate, Groovy, Grails, Ruby and Rails, 2006, 2007, 2009.

IBM, Waltham, MA – Developing Network Computing Solutions using Java Technologies, 1999.
Wave Technologies, Burlington, MA – C++ for C Programmers, 1998.
Northeastern University, Burlington, MA – Introduction to Java Programming, 1998.
Northeastern University, Burlington, MA – Windows Programming using Windows 95, 1997.
Member of the New England Java User's Group (NEJUG)
Member of the Society of American Magicians.