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Software Engineer – 21 years professional experience developing commercial software products (Now learning Groovy/Ratpack and Grails 2):

 * Web-based technologies – 15 years designing and developing lead market commercial software.
 * Excellent technical and analytical skills.
 * Skilled at mentoring and developing engineers.
 * Embraces the opportunity to learn and utilize new technologies and development techniques.


Programming: Java, C++/MFC, C, XML, HTML, Servlets, JSP, some Perl, JavaScript and CSS.
Apps/Frameworks: Java EE, JBoss, Tomcat, Lucene, Solr, Velocity, JUnit, Quartz, JNI.
Databases: MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle.
Tools: Eclipse, Ant, Maven, version control (Subversion, AccuRev, VSS), MS Visual Studio 5/6.
Operating Systems: Mac OS X, Windows, Linux (Ubuntu), UNIX, DOS.
Methodologies: Scrum, Agile, Test Driven Development (TDD).


2010 - October 2012 Atex, Inc. Tewksbury, MA  
  Software Developer – US Digital Operations, Polopoly CMS product

* Implement modules for collecting and presenting user-generated digital content (articles,
   images, audio, videos, documents). This consits of creating widgets, input templates
   and output templates for the Polopoly CMS framework.

* Develop migration tools for moving data from legacy CMS systems to Polopoly CMS,
   including migrating Wordpress Blog content

* Develop and maintained RSS feed and NewsML components.

* Develop mobile and legacy URL redirection Servlet filters for Polopoly CMS.

* Develop and maintain a Java-based trashcan application to permanently delete
  content from a customized Polopoly CMS installation.

* Implement custom indexing enhancements for Lucene and Solr-driven publishing

* Develop and enhance Perl-based migration scripts and NITF feed generation.

* Work with customers to address issues, implement bug fixes and guide customers‘
   developers and maintenance staff.

* Core member of the US Digital Operations development team which works with various
   top media-related companies to customize and implement enterprise Polopoly CMS
   platform, including such clients as the Akron Beacon Journal,, Newsday,
   the Scranton Times Tribune and Conde Nast
1997 - 2009 Kronos, Incorporated Chelmsford, MA  
  Java Developer 2003 – 2009

* Developed and maintained enterprise web-based software applications.

* Expert developing Java server-side business objects and XML-based API

* Worked closely with product owners, interaction designers, database designers, QA      
   engineers and other developers to ensure on-schedule delivery of high quality software.

* Contributed to overall quality of Workforce Central code base by investigating automated
   test and build failures; addressed any deficiencies discovered during development cycle.

* Mentored engineers to become proficient using the Kronos business object frameworks,
   XML-based API framework, persistence layer framework and testing frameworks.

* Created multi-threaded services to manage application-critical background processes.

* Mentored developers on the design and implementation of the job scheduling component.
  This included describing the front-end design, business logic and persistence layer.

* Investigated, designed and coded solutions to deficiencies discovered in Quartz port of
   the job scheduling engine, especially in the area of DST transitions.

* Developed port of fat-client configuration to Java-based web-enabled components.
  JNI Java/C/C++ Developer 1998 – 2003

* Developed and maintained web-based job scheduling component using JNI-invoked
   Microsoft Task Scheduler engine; later using the Quartz Enterprise Job Scheduler.

* Developed a Web Services framework to provide customers with a diagnostics toolkit.

* Investigated JMS as a possible enhancement to existing notification framework.

* Designed and developed web-based UI job scheduling prototype using JSPs and

* Investigated Java-based solutions to replace Microsoft Task Scheduler as the job
   scheduling engine. Solutions included commercial products, roll-your-own approaches,
   and Quartz.

* Designed, developed & maintained Registry utility written in Visual C++ using MFC.

* Designed and developed authentication DLL prototype using Microsoft LDAP libraries.

* Developed and maintained APIs for non-Java clients to interface with Java-based

* Generated User’s Guide documentation detailing API installation, configuration and

* Designed and developed dialog-based testing tool for API Framework utilizing MFC.

* Trained new hire on Java-based services APIs for future development and maintenance.
1992 - 1997 Client Server Software, Incorporated Wakefield, MA  
  C Programmer/Analyst

* Maintained the line of PC based Hospital Cost Reporting software products written in C.

* Modified software using government specs and client requests within strict timeframes.

* Developed new software products and utilities in C.

* Provided full and timely technical support for the Cost Reporting software product line.

* Ported existing C source code to/from various compilers.

* Performed self-tests on new and modified products before submitting to quality assurance.

Computer Learning Center, Somerville, MA – Certificate, C/UNIX Programming, 1992.
St. Joseph's University, Phila., PA – 2 semesters in Computer Sciences Masters Program, 1990.
West Chester University, West Chester, PA – BA, Psychology, 1983.

Attended “No Fluff Just Stuff” symposiums covering the latest technologies, including Spring, Hibernate, Groovy, Grails, Ruby and Rails, 2006, 2007.

IBM, Waltham, MA – Developing Network Computing Solutions using Java Technologies, 1999.
Wave Technologies, Burlington, MA – C++ for C Programmers, 1998.
Northeastern University, Burlington, MA – Introduction to Java Programming, 1998.
Northeastern University, Burlington, MA – Windows Programming using Windows 95, 1997.
Member of the New England Java User's Group (NEJUG)
Member of the Society of American Magicians for 22 years.